Artichoke … leaves with healing properties

The artichoke is a thistle-like perennial of the daisy family (Asteraceae). It has purple flowers and a short, perennial rhizome. Its leaves are deeply incised and measure 50 to 80 cm long. The plant reaches a total height of 1.5 to 2 m. Varieties with an increased chlorogenic acid and cynarin content are cultivated for medical use. Fresh and dried leaves could be used for the purpose of extraction.

Artichoke leaves are traditionally used for the symptomatic relief of digestive problems such as dyspepsia, which is associated with a bloated feeling, formation of gas, and flatulence.

Variations of extract Extract details Further information
00-111-1219-04P Extraction solvent: water
Dry extract
DER genuine 4 - 6 : 1
17% maltodextrin,
3% silicon dioxide
≥ 0.6% chlorogenic acid
ASMF and CEP available
00-111-1219-06 Extraction solvent: water
Dry extract
DER genuine 3 - 5 : 1
40% maltodextrin
≥ 2.0% cynarin derivatives