Pumpkin ... a potent seed

Cucurbita pepo L. belongs to the family of cucurbits (Cucurbitaceae). Originating in Mexico and Texas, the pumpkin was introduced to Europe and is today cultivated all over the world, especially in Austria (Styria). After that, Hungary and China are the main suppliers. The pumpkin is an annual plant with trailing or climbing vines.

Pumpkin seeds are traditionally used to alleviate symptoms of the lower urinary tract in connection with benign prostate enlargement or bladder hyperactivity.

Variations of extract Extract details Further information
00-115-0365-04 Extraction solvent: ethanol 60% (m/m)
Dry extract
DER genuine 24 - 33 : 1
20% maltodextrin,
10% microcrystalline cellulose
≥ 0.1% adenosine
2 - 4% enterodiol
ASMF on request