Anklam Extrakt GmbH offers products from the highest quality. Starting from the sourcing we ensure high quality raw materials and sustainable availability. In addition to premium extracts from various plant parts, we also offer our customers ready-to-market finished product concepts in various dosage forms. We are also specialised in the manufacturing and marketing of Branded Ingredients for the nutritional supplement industry. These innovative extracts are supported by clinical studies.

Premium extracts Plant extracts of high quality – from the best raw material

Trained specialist staff, cutting-edge technology and strict quality controls throughout the entire production process mean that you are guaranteed extracts of the highest quality.
Anklam Extrakt® specialises in the research, development and production of high-quality plant extracts. Our portfolio includes extracts for the pharmaceutical industry that have been monographed (by the HMPC and/or Ph. Eur) as well as extracts for the food industry.

Naturally, our services also include the development of extracts specifically to customers' requirements. You can find further information about this under competences.

Our plant extracts from leaves, flowers, roots, berries, and other plant parts are generally produced under the GMP and HACCP quality standards, and following our “High quality from the best raw material” guidelines.

From A for Althaea (marshmallow) to V for Vaccinium (cranberry), we offer you an innovative and well-developed product portfolio. With each plant, you can choose from one or more variations of the extract.

• Liquid extracts (fluids and tinctures)
• Soft extracts (spissa)
• Dry extracts (sicca)


As a specialist in innovative ingredients, Anklam Extrakt® develops brand concepts that are based on scientific studies for the food industry and the healthcare sector.

The requirements are set high for our branded ingredients: selected raw materials, first-class production quality in accordance with international standards, appropriate documentation and our own research.

The marketing strategy for our branded ingredients involves supporting the customer in research and development, marketing, co-branding, approval and external communication in order to guarantee an innovative and successful product concept.

product concepts ALL FROM A SINGLE SOURCE

Anklam Extrakt® combines high-quality plant extracts with extraordinary service.

In collaboration with our partners, we can provide you with market-ready product concepts, including stability data and complete documentation.