eldosamb® A natural ingredient for immune support

In normal conditions, the immune system protects our organism extremely effectively against invaders, especially when bearing in mind that we are surrounded by a variety of bacteria and viruses all day long. Nevertheless, it happens that we catch infections like a common cold or flu.

A pre-clinical research programme showed that eldosamb® exerts good immune-modulating properties, counteracting inflammatory immune reaction by decreasing pro-inflammatory TNF-α and IFN-ɣ and increasing antiinflammatory IL-10 cytokine. Also, research has demonstrated that elderberry constituents can diminish virus infectivity to a moderate extent.

Unique Features

  • Exerts substantial antiviral bioactivity
  • Shows immunomodulatory effects
  • Counteracts pro-inflammatory reaction during acute infections



eldosamb® is a standardised elderberry extract. Carefully selected berries in combination with an established production process guarantee a minimum content of 13% anthocyanins.

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