rich in anthocyanins

Maqui berry – The treasure of Patagonia

Maqui (Aristotelia chilensis) is a native berry that grows in the wild forests of Patagonia in Chile and Argentina. It has been consumed from ancient times by indigenous people and is by nature extraordinarily rich in many nutrients and powerful flavonoid species known as anthocyanins. 

A specific category of these anthocyanins are known as delphinidins. Delphinidins are responsible for the very dark purple color of the berries, as well as for many health applications.

• Maqui berry is a dark purple berry from the Patagonia region, growing in Chile and Argentina. It is an evergreen bush that reaches about 3 to 4 meters height (9-13 ft.). 

• Maqui berry flowers form numerous small, star-shaped, green-yellowish petals. The leaves are dark green, shiny and lance shaped.

• Maqui berry is harvested wild in pristine Patagonia region, by the native Mapuche Indians.

• Maqui berry is extraordinarily rich in specific flavonoids known as anthocyanins in particular delphinidins. In addition the berries possess a high content of phenolic compounds. 

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