Passionflower ... a herb with healing properties

Passiflora incarnata is a perennial climbing shrub that can grow to a height of 10 m and belongs to the Passifloraceae family. The plant species is primarily native to the south-eastern states of North America, the Bermuda Islands, the Antilles, Central America, Brazil and Argentina. The drug is made up of the dried aboveground parts of this climbing shrub. Anklam Extrakt® pays particular attention to the selection of high quality drug materials to eliminate any hazards due to pyrrolizidine alkaloids or aflatoxins. This drug is traditionally used to improve minor symptoms of stress and to aid sleep.

Variations of extract Extract details Further information
00-115-0801-06P Extraction solvent: ethanol 50% (V/V)
Dry extract
DER genuine 4 - 7 : 1
27% maltodextrin, 3% silicon dioxide
≥ 2.0% flavonoids, expr. as vitexin
ASMF and CEP in progress