Primula root extract

Primula … a root with healing properties

The primula species Primula elatior (oxlip) and Primula veris (cowslip) are perennial, herbaceous plants that are found in sunny meadows and in light shrubbery in Central and South-West Asia and Europe. They belong to the Primulaceae family. The drug is made up of rhizomes and roots from these species of primula.

This drug is traditionally used as an expectorant for a cough associated with a cold. The saponins of the Primula root are believed to irritate the gastric mucosa and thereby activate a reflex to stimulate secretolysis.

Variations of extractExtract detailsFurther information
AEnat® 0902-02P
Extraction solvent: water
Dry extract
DER genuine 3.5 - 4.5 : 1
17% maltodextrin, 3% silicon dioxide
0.8 - 22.0% sum of primula acid I and II
ASMF available
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