Delphinol® Standardised maqui berry extract - effective and safe (GRAS).

Delphinol® - superior ingredient for a balanced metabolism

Delphinol® is a unique extract prepared from selected maqui berries (Aristotelia chilensis) providing rich purified flavonoids and is standardised to bear a minimum of 25% delphinidins and a minimum of 35% total anthocyanins.

Delphinol® shows clinically proven bioavailability of key active ingredients.

Market Applications Details References
Balanced Metabolism Delphinol® significantly decreased oxidised LDL cholesterol in study participants, as compared to placebo treatment. Davinelli et al., 2015
Well-balanced Blood Sugar Levels Delphinol® is currently the only known natural active ingredient moderating also the absorption of refined carbohydrates. Thus, represents an interesting new component for combination product formulations dedicated to well-balanced blood sugar levels. Hidalgo et al., 2014